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Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu region experiences two academicians associated with FSLE-India initially. The LEGH Movement was introduced to this region by its Joint Secretary:

Dr. V. Bharathi Harishankar

And the first Coordinator of this region is:

Dr. R. Mercy Latha

Recently Four more Coordinators have been appointed:

Dr. R. Sheela Banu

S. Snekha Sri

Dr. C. Anita

Dr M. Saji

Apart from the above Coordinators the following Executive Council Members are also appointed:

Dr Sheela P. Karthick

C. Udhayabanu

Dr C. Gangalakshmi

Dr Abdul Mohd. Ali Jinnah

N. Karpagavalli

Judes Jalaja

R. Lakshmi Priya

Rejani G. S

Snow J. Sharmilla

K. Denish Raja Durai