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Aparna Lakshmi

Aparna Lakshmi is an independent scholar hailing from Kerala, the ecologically rich state sandwiched between the blue Nilgiris of the Western Ghats and the majestic Arabian Sea. She is an English postgraduate, multilingual poet and author of the novella Pardha of My Feelings.A bibliophile and polyglot born into the nostalgic lap of the multilingual ecosystem of India. An animal lover who crosses the boundaries of the post-modern urban citizenshipto embrace the pristine nature.She aims to interconnect the fossils of cultures, languages, and genders that gets deeply embedded in the environmental sediments of literature and media. She continually seeks an eco-friendly approach of learning, respecting, and preserving the bewitching beauty of the environment through her writing, paintings, crafts, and garland-making. Her areas of interests dissect the ecocritical anatomy of Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, South Asian Studies, Partition Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Film Studies, Environmental Humanity, Disaster Writing, Translation Studies, Tribal literature, Animal Studies, Peace Studies, and Travel Literature.

Aparna is a lifetime member of EFSLE and also one of its Executive Council Members (ECM) of Kerala-South Region.