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Deepa Das

Deepa Das is an Assistant Professor at State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Chhattisgarh. She is also the Editor of JCERI (Journal of Contemporary Educational Research and Innovations). She has conducted three significant Research Projects:

  1. An Analytical Study Of  The Effect  Of   Learning Environment  According To Quality Dimension Of Elementary Education On The  Divergent  Production Ability Of The Students Of Post  Elementary  Level      (Research conducted)
  2. A Critical Study of Jane Austin’s Sense & Sensibility.
  3. Conducted Case Studies and Women Orientation programmes to increase the literacy rate of the girl child and disadvantaged group.

She has participated in many in- service training programs. She has also presented research paper in various International and Nation seminars, conferences and workshops.

She is a lifetime member of EFSLE and she has also been appointed as the Joint Secretary for its Chhattisgarh Region.