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Dr Jochibed Vincent

Dr Jochibed Vincent is a dedicated academic professional with a profound commitment to education and research. Holding the position of Assistant Professor, she has made significant contributions to her field. Dr. Vincent’s academic journey began with a strong foundation, earning her M.A. and M.Phil. Degrees in English from Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkeeya Mahavidhyalay (JNRM College), Port Blair under Pondicherry University. Her academic prowess culminated in 2023 with the completion of her Ph.D. from the same university, focusing on the intriguing intersection of translation and literature with a special emphasis on select Nicobarese folktales.

In addition to her scholarly achievements, Dr. Vincent is a dynamic educator. She teaches a range of English literature courses, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of students. Furthermore, she holds key administrative roles, including being the Head of the Department for English, Sociology, and Music at BPA. Dr. Jochibed Vincent’s multi-faceted involvement extends to various committees and initiatives. She serves as the Chief Superintendent of
Pondicherry University Exams, Nodal Officer for RUSA, and participates actively in faculty development programs, webinars, and seminars, reflecting her commitment to academic growth. Her impressive educational qualifications, extensive administrative roles, and dedication to research make Dr. Vincent a respected figure in academia, embodying the essence of a committed scholar and educator. She participated in a seven-day International Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Literary Studies in the New Millennium,” organized by the Department of English at Pondicherry University from October 18-24, 2021. This program allowed her to expand her knowledge in literary studies. Dr. Vincent also participated in a seven-day International Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Pioneering and Innovative Trends in Learning, Teaching English Language, Literature, and Translation,”
organized by Veda Centre, Hyderabad, and Ochre (India), Mumbai, from December 16-23, 2021. Her involvement in such programs highlights her dedication to continuous learning and professional development.
Dr. Jochibed Vincent’s active participation in research, seminars, webinars, and faculty development programs underscores her commitment to academic growth and her contributions to the field of English language and

She is a lifetime member of EFSLE and also, she has been appointed as the first Coordinator of EFSLE for its Andaman & Nicobar Islands Region.