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Rakhiparna Ghosh

Rakhiparna Ghosh is a doctoral student at the Department of English, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations. Professionally, she works as a Guest Lecturer at Raniganj Girls’ College (Govt. Sponsored), Raniganj, West Bengal since early 2017 and has previously worked as a freelance Translator. Her own interest in environmental thinking comes from her mother’s compassion and practice of sustainability in everyday life which she tries to implement in her own life.Other than teaching other areas of English Literature she has recently taught a paper on Ecocriticism and encourages students to become environmentally conscious. Academically, she has participated in international seminars and conferences and has published scholarly papers in international journals. Her doctoral area on which she is currently working includes Nineteenth Century England, Women Novelists, Environmental Literary Criticism, Environmental Ethics and Justice. Her other areas of interest broadly include Feminism, Film, and Popular Culture and is interested in contributing to interdisciplinary dialogues with main focus on ecology and environment.

She is a lifetime member of EFSLE and also she has been appointed as one of the Executive Council Members (ECM) of its West Bengal- South Region.