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Jammu & Kashmir

There are two regions in Jammu & Kashmir state. Jammu and Kashmir- EFSLE appoints two Joint Secretaries in these two regions along with the Coordinators.


In Jammu Dr. Sudhir Singh (JS) and Dr. Garima Gupta (JS) both are sharing the responsibility of the Joint Secretary together along with the following team of Coordinators:

Dr. Neena Gupta Vij

Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Dr. Shubhra Jamwal

Dr. Sonia Khajuria

The Jammu Executive Council of Jammu also Consists of five ECMs [Executive Council Members]

Ms. Rajni Pathania

Bhupinder Kour

Rupalee Jasrotia


Bhumika Abrol

Sheweta Magotra


In Kashmir region, EFSLE established its executive council in 2018 when Dr Ishrat Bashir became its first Joint Secretary. In the year 2021 Dr Tasleem Ahmad War has been appointed as its new Joint Secretary of the region.

The coordinators for this region are:

Dr Ishrat Bashir

Dr Yasmeen Farooq

Dr Hameeda

The other proposed names for the coordinators are:

Dr. Mubashir Karim

Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Sheikh

Mr. Syed Hamid Firdose

The other members of the Executive Council are:

Rubayata Umeed