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Rishikesh Kumar Singh


Rishikesh is a poet, an ecocritic, a researcher, a traveller, an  environmentalist and Ecological Facilitator. He is the (Founder) President-cum-Director of EFSLE (Ecosophical Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment) and the Joint Secretary of ASLE-India (North Zone). He is also the CEO & MD of Elenchos Academy Pvt. Ltd., a Premier Institution of Explicit Learning and Discourse. Professionally he is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist as well as an English faculty based in New Delhi. He pursued his research in Ecocriticism and explored the various unheeded facets of this particular field of study. He is a Polyglot and Translator too. He also initiated with the concept of Bibliotherapy in India in 2012 that he practiced on those people who faced natural calamities and were distressed with ecophobia. So as a bibliotherapist Rishikesh has incorporated nature with books. This therapy what he calls Ecobibliotherapy, a step ahead to the traditional bibliotherapy. His research articles and poems have been published in various International and National Journals such as The Different Truths (An Anthology of Poems), The University News, Muse India, The Criterion, The Literary Voyage, Writers, Editors and Critics, Galaxy, Research Scholar and many more. He presented his poems in the SAARC Literary Festival 2010 and in various literary festivals in different countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. He has traveled extensively in the Western Europe for his major research project on Ecocriticism. He is the recipient of the ‘Best Writer Award’ for his story ‘Hasrat’ in 2003 in Allahabad. In 2012 he did a major research project in Malaysia which was dedicated to the Gender and Human rights issues of the Tibetan and Bhutanese women. He has been an integral part of IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) and directed a play and a mime for ZCA Academy of Zee Network, Allahabad. He facilitates the academia with his innovative teaching skill especially in the field of Applied Literature amalgamating Literature, Human Rights, Gender issues and Psychology together. Recently he initiated in the field of Neuroecoaesthetics, Ecosurrogacy, Bibliotherapy, Green and Blue Humanities, Geocriticism and Ecocriticism through the movement what he calls the LEGH Movement (Literature, Environment, Gender and Human Rights).