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Your EFSLE membership supports academic research, teaching, and creative work in environmental literature, arts, and the humanities. Membership includes:

  • Two issues per year of LEGH: The Dwellers of Wood Journal, as well as access to current and archived issues online.
  • Access to the online EFSLE Member Community, where you can join existing discussion groups, establish new groups, begin or respond to topical threads, or search for member interests and expertise using the EFSLE Member Directory.
  • E-updates on the latest news published at our website.
  • Conference, Grant and publication awards opportunities.
  • A community of very fine people!


A Lifetime Membership in EFSLE will support new initiatives, brings you deserved recognition, and financial protection. As a Lifetime Member you will receive:

  • Enrollment in a distinctive constituency of professionals committed to the advancement of environmental cultural and literary studies through education.
  • Exemption from paying annual dues.
  • Inherent financial protection against any future dues increases.
  • Recognition at the opening receptions at Annual EFSLE Conferences or any event.
  • Special recognition in the Lifetime Member Honor Roll on the EFSLE website.
  • Automatic access to existing and new benefits provided to individual members by EFSLE.
  • Membership of EFSLE Theatre Society (ETS) is available for all the lifetime members who have interest in this field.
  • Only a Lifetime member can be a part of EFSLE Executive Council in his/her respective states/ Regions. 
  • As a life-time member you may send your own research proposal for sponsorship and if selected the appropriate grant will be provided.
  • LT members can get a benefit of EFSLE collaboration to conduct any academic event in their respective institutions. 
  • LT members are privileged to get an opportunity for our annual travel grant (if selected) to participate our annual international event aboard.
  • An LT member will have to pay a lesser registration fee for any of our annual event in collaboration with any other institution across the nation. If the event is completely sponsored by EFSLE, our LT members need not to pay any registration fee.  

(*For more details please read our Bylaws)