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Dr. Suman

Suman is a researcher and teacher at IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. With her training in the field of literary studies and also in psychology, she engages with texts through psycho-social concepts like stereotyping, implicit bias, memory and representation. Having dealt with literary representations and stereotyping in Mutiny fiction during her graduate research, she continues to deal with intersections of art, history and fiction. Besides myths and oral history, her interests lie in popular fiction. She finds the journey from the text to the motion picture fascinating and tries to unravel its various facets with her students at IIT Mandi, India. Her recent research focuses on contemporary poetry from troubled regions of India, rich with unsettling questions about nationalism, belonging, identity, and ideals of love amidst terrorism and militarization in the otherwise peaceful place imaginable, the Himalayas. She is the Joint Secretary of EFSLE for its Himachal Pradesh Region.