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  1. To promote and encourage intellectuals and researchers to work in the field of Literature, Environment, Gender and Human Rights, amalgamation of this quartet having its soul concern, i. e., Ecology.
  2. To establish a Bibliotherapy Centre in New Delhi, the first of its kind in India. A therapy to heal the sufferers with the help of Literature incorporating with the ecological concerns.
  3. To begin with the Mega-Translation event in India in which all the available Eco-critical Texts will be translated from Indian vernacular language to English and visa-versa.
  4. To conduct workshops, seminar, conferences and symposiums in different states to moblize people and academicians about the LEGH issues and make them conscious.
  5. Propounding theories based on field visits and empirical researches.



  1. To establish Ecosophical Theatre Society (ETS) dedicated to:
  2. Subaltern Theatre
  3. Theatre of the Commons
  4. Community Theatre

(Anti-Elitist Theatre Movement)  & (Non-Classical Art Movement)

  1. EFSLE is dedicated to all the issues having ecological concern (especial reference with Women, Children, Aged& Sex Workers, Transgender & Eunuchs, Aboriginals & tribes, Disables).