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Delhi NCR

As Delhi is the head office of EFSLE, the Delhi NCR region members are also considered the members of the Central Executive Council (CEC) of EFSLE. However, the Core Committee (CC) is a different unit and all of the CC members are also the part of Delhi-NCR Executive Council. All these members are also the lifetime members of EFSLE.

The Joint Secretary of Delhi-NCR Region is:

Dr. Mridusmita Baruah

The Delhi NCR EC consists of these members:

  1. Alok Rastogi
  2. Dr. Asha Tewari
  3. Dr. Shivani Jha
  4. Dr Swati Chandra
  5. Dr Achingliu Kamei
  6. Dr Amit Ranjan
  7. Dr Swetha Antony
  8. Dr Prem Kumari Srivastava
  9. Dr Simmi Gurwara
  10. Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh
  11. Dr Garima Jha
  12. Dr Jyoti Tripathi
  13. Kiriti Sengupta

These are the life members from the region: