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Ms. Kamni is an avid nature enthusiast who loves to explore nature. Being born in small village in the mountains of Jammu, her love with nature began at very young age. She believes that one can learn more about life and self if one spends more time observing the invisible forces of nature. She spends great deal of time in exploring the lesser known rural and wild areas of Jammu. She received her bachelor’s degree in Sciences and master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Jammu. She is also a certified patient counsellor and diabetes educator. Her research interests are Ecology, Biodiversity, Gender studies, Spiritual Sciences, Arts, Ecofeminism, and Indian philosophy. Her other interests are Sketching, writing and poetry. She loved to write about nature, Social and women issues. She is currently working at Government PG College for Women, Gandhinagar, Jammu.